Common Causes of Eyestrain

December 29, 2021

Do you experience eyestrain? Our experienced eye doctors in Loveland, CO, are happy to help you find solutions. In the meantime, consider these causes of  eyestrain:

What Do Early Stage Cataracts Look Like?

November 3, 2021

It’s normal to be concerned about cataracts. This clouding of the lens of the eye is very normal among adults, and many of our patients want to know how they can prevent it, and what they should do if they think they are seeing the beginning stage of cataracts. The experienced ophthalmologists at Kirk Eye […]

Vision Tips for People Under 40

October 5, 2021

As you age into your late 20s and your 30s, you may start thinking about keeping tabs on your health more so than you used to. One aspect of your overall health is of course your vision and eyes. There are several things you can do to be mindful about eye health under 40, such […]

Tips for Maintaining Healthy Retinas

September 28, 2021

The health of your retinas is an important part of overall health. Our experienced eye doctors prevent, diagnose, and treat diseases and disorders affecting the retinas. To learn more, please call Kirk Eye Center in Loveland, CO, at 970-669-1107.

Omega-3 Nutraceuticals to Combat Dry Eye Syndrome

September 17, 2021

Dry eye is a common syndrome affecting millions of Americans. If you get dry eye even occasionally, you may be sick of the gritty, itchy, sore eye symptoms and blurry vision. At Kirk Eye Center, we offer several options for dry eye treatment, including an Omega-3 supplement made by Physician Recommended Nutriceuticals. Taken in soft […]

August is National Eye Exam Month!

August 9, 2021

This month has been specially designated as National Eye Exam Month, in which we take a moment to spread awareness about the importance of routine eye exams. From age 4 and up, people benefit from these routine checkups. Our experienced eye doctors evaluate all aspects of eye health and vision during these exams, which serve […]

How Do You Get Rid of Eyestrain?

July 28, 2021

Eyestrain is fairly common given the way we interact with electronic devices and use computers in many job industries. But there are other causes of eyestrain besides computer use. Outdated prescription Refractive disorder Dry eye syndrome, glaucoma, or another underlying eye condition Staring at a computer screen Prolonged use of other screens – phones, tablets, […]

Summer 2021 Eye Care Tips

July 1, 2021

With summer finally here, most of us are going to be spending a lot more time outdoors. However, between allergies, sunlight, and swimming pools, there are a number of things that can damage your eyes while enjoying summer activities. Here are some 2021 summer eye care tips to keep your vision crystal clear. Wear a […]

What Type of IOL Should I Get?

May 25, 2021

As intraocular lenses become more advanced, there will be several types to choose from. As a result, some types of IOLs may be more beneficial than others depending on your specific eye condition and daily needs. Before choosing an IOL, there are several personal factors you need to consider. For example, do you have any […]

How to Reduce the Risk of Diabetic Retinopathy

April 26, 2021

While it isn’t always possible to prevent diabetic retinopathy, there are a few ways you can reduce the risk of vision problems caused by diabetes. With early intervention and regular eye exams, you can avoid permanent vision loss and maintain your eye health. Here are some of the ways you can reduce the chance of […]

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