5 Tips to Prevent Dry Eyes this Winter

A young woman bundled up in the snow in a white hat and scarf In Colorado, we crank up our heaters in winter. That leaves our homes nice and toasty, but also leaves the air very dry. Combine that with some of our notoriously windy mountain days, and you may find yourself with dry, irritated eyes for much of winter and spring.

So what can you do about it? Here are 5 tips to prevent the discomfort:

  1. Don’t blast the heat. Keep your home’s heater as low as you are comfortable with. The higher the heat, the drier it will be inside.
  2. Point heating vents in your car away from your eyes. A lot of us are working from home, but when you do venture out in your car this winter, take care not to direct high heat right at your face. It can dry out your eyes and your skin.
  3. Direct the blow dryer away from your eyes. As you blow dry your hair, be mindful not to direct the hot, dry air at your eyes.
  4. Don’t forget to blink! Blinking moistens your eye. We tend to stop blinking when staring at the television, computer screen or a phone. Don’t forget to blink to remoisten your eyes.
  5. Use artificial tears. Lubricating drops can be purchased at your drugstore or grocery store. Be sure to read the label to learn how often to apply to your eyes during the day. If you find that you want to use the drops way more often than the daily recommended limit on the label, you should consult our doctors at Kirk Eye Center about dry eye treatment.

We understand how bothersome dry eyes can be, especially this time of year. If you are concerned that your dry eye condition has gotten out of control, we can help you understand your treatment options. To arrange a consultation with an experienced eye doctor at Kirk Eye Center in Loveland, CO, please call our team at 970-669-1107.

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