Vision Tips for People Under 40

A young professional man at the office sites in front of his desk and computer screen while wearing glasses and looking up toward the back of the room As you age into your late 20s and your 30s, you may start thinking about keeping tabs on your health more so than you used to. One aspect of your overall health is of course your vision and eyes. There are several things you can do to be mindful about eye health under 40, such as:

  • Preventing eye disease. What you do now can affect your vision in the future. Wear UV-blocking sunglasses anytime you are outdoors to prevent cataracts and other eye diseases. You can also make sure you are incorporating lots of vegetables and fruit into your diet, and getting regular exercise. All of these things will sustain wellness and eye health, and may stave off vision problems when you’re older.
  • Visiting the eye doctor routinely. Regular eye exams not only detect nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism, they also prevent serious eye problems by detecting the early signs of disease. Our eye doctors look for unusual signs and symptoms, and recommend treatments when appropriate.
  • Dry eye treatment. You’re a mature adult now. You deserve to address bothersome eye symptoms! Dry eye syndrome may have bothered you less in your youth, but that gritty feeling may become really irritating in your adult life. Ask our eye doctors about treatment options.
  • Avoiding eye injuries. You’re in the prime of your life. As such, you may spend time doing home renovation projects, woodworking and other crafts, and sports and recreation. These activities pose the risk of eye injury, like getting something stuck in your eye. During these activities, you should always wear protective eyeglasses to prevent eye trauma and foreign objects in the eyes.

When you visit our eye doctors, we provide custom recommendations for optimal eye health based on your medical background, vision, and lifestyle/hobbies.

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