dry eyes Dry eyes can cause intense discomfort with feelings of stinging, burning, irritation, and itchiness. In addition to the discomfort, dry eyes can increase your risk of eye infection, which can have serious complications.

Thankfully, many treatments exist. However, not every treatment will apply to you and your dry eyes. Knowing what is causing your dry eyes can help you find the best treatment.

Learn the top causes of dry eyes and how working with the right ophthalmologist can lead to effective and timely relief.

Eye Strain

Uninterrupted screen time, focusing on one object a fixed distance away, or any intense use of the eyes for an extended period can all lead to eye strain. A common symptom of eye strain can be dry eyes.

If your dry eyes result from eye strain, ensure you periodically take breaks. Utilize the 20-20-20 method: For every 20 minutes of diligent eye use, look 20 feet away for 20 seconds. This can help decrease eye strain and promote proper eye health.


Sometimes, dry eyes can be caused by pollutants and irritants in the environment. In environments where debris is in the air, wearing protective eyewear can help mitigate the effects of the pollutants.

Other times, allergens can lead to an allergic reaction, causing dry eyes. Speaking to a doctor can help you determine the cause of your dry eyes and explore proper treatments.


Your eyes need to be lubricated to maintain proper function. As you age, the production of oils necessary to prevent the evaporation of tears and tear production can decrease, contributing to dry eyes.

Find Over 10 Dry Eye Solutions at Kirk Eye Center Today

Dry eyes can be troublesome, but finding treatment shouldn’t be. Partner with a board-certified ophthalmologist to receive accurate diagnoses and proper treatments. Board-certified indicates physicians who have extended their education in a particular field.

At Kirk Eye Center, board-certified ophthalmologist Dr. John Kirk and optometrist Dr. Dustin Asay pride themselves on delivering effective treatments with individualized care. You can find dry eye treatments such as gels and ointments, intense pulsed light therapy, prescription-grade eye drops, artificial tears, specialized equipment to help break apart blockages, and more when working with Kirk Eye Center.

To learn more about dry eye treatment in Loveland, Fort Collins, Windsor, CO, and surrounding areas, call today at 970- 669-1107 or submit a contact form.

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