Reviews of Kirk Eye Center

Serving Loveland, Fort Collins, Greeley, Longmont & areas nearby in Colorado

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Perfect Eyeglasses Prescription
"I found my ‘hole in one’ at Kirk Eye Center. The fit was perfect first time, and I see better than ever. I was so impressed with the professional care of Dr. Colvin and the staff. They really listen and make you feel as if you are their only customer. Most of all, Dr. Colvin was ‘dead on’ first time with my prescription. Now I am seeing my best – whether it is golfing, skiing, or getting up close with reading or needlepoint."
-Patty Seaser, Fort Collins
Anti-Glare Lenses
"When I play softball, my glasses are my secret weapon. I see everything and during night games, there is NO glare! This was the best experience I have ever had at an eye doctor. Everyone was professional from start to finish. All my friends want to know my secret. And, I’m glad to say it is Dr. Kirk and my new glasses."
-Bob Wiltgen, Loveland
Perfectly Fit Contact Lenses
"Dr. Colvin worked diligently to fit just the right contacts to provide me with perfect vision. For the first time in my life, I have 20/20 vision. It is so amazing to me to be able to see distances that have never been in focus before. I am more confident and able to take on the wonderful challenges of life. Thank you, Dr. Colvin and Dr. Kirk for giving me back such freedom."
-Mary Coulston, Loveland
Treatment for Keratoconus
"Dr. Colvin will forever be my eye doctor. His dedication allows me to have excellent and comfortable vision while I work and play. He took the time to not only fit my contacts more comfortably, but made sure that my vision was the very best it could be. He worked with my prescription to get me the absolute best fit and vision possible."
-Joan Creed, Loveland
Treatment for Diabetic Retinopathy
"The entire staff at Kirk Eye Center is so caring. I have become friends with everyone here. Dr. Kirk really takes time to get to the bottom of any problems that I am having. He has done several laser surgeries for me, and takes the time to make sure that I have the best eyesight that I can. The staff calls to check on me regularly. The quality of treatment, the commitment to optical health and the respect for patients at Kirk Eye Center is absolutely the BEST!"
-Claude Earl Kissack, Berthoud
Cataract Surgery
"After moving from a small town, I didn’t think I would find this type of personal care, but Dr. Kirk put me at complete ease.  From the very first visit, I knew that a small town, supportive atmosphere existed here at Kirk Eye Center. Dr. Kirk put me at complete ease. His skill at removing my cataracts was excellent. And, his concern continued after I got home – he personally called to check on my progress following my surgery. Dr. Kirk gave me the most wonderful Christmas gift ever! I started a new book today and I intend to finish reading every last word."
-Elaine Bonnell, Loveland
Cataract Surgery
"My cataract procedure at Kirk Eye Center makes reading a pleasure again. Dr. Kirk did an excellent job. Now my vision is so clear, I can read my bible and hymn book without my glasses. Don’t let cataracts keep you from seeing the best that life has to offer. Kirk Eye Center — the region’s premier eye care provider."
-Jim Berdinner, Loveland
Cataract Surgery
"Watching sports on TV is now crystal clear and colorful again – thanks to Dr. Kirk. Dr. Kirk did cataract surgery on both eyes and it was wonderful. He saved me the cost of a new television. There’s only one place when it comes to your eyes — Kirk Eye Center."
-Jim Curtis, Loveland
Frank Brunker, Loveland
"Dr. Kirk’s care and attention allowed me to return to the activities I enjoy. Dr. Kirk didn’t let my cataracts get too bad before he did the surgery. I had both eyes done, and it was a very pleasant experience. I couldn’t ask for a better physician than Dr. Kirk."
-Frank Brunker, Loveland
Perfect Eyeglasses Prescription
"I’ve worn glasses since I was six, and know when they need an adjustment. Kirk Optical keeps me ‘focused. I come to Kirk Eye Center because of their attention to detail. Everyone is so friendly and concerned about your well-being. Kirk Optical and Jackie Burton keep my glasses adjusted ‘just right’. She has an eye for detail and always knows how to fix the problems. Thanks to everyone at Kirk Eye Center.~ Carol A. Christensen, Loveland"