How To Prevent Eye Damage This Summer

eye damage Summer is synonymous with fun. Family cookouts in the backyard, relaxing days poolside, the beach and how it exhausts you in just the right way; basically, the time for summer is the time to relax. But just because you are relaxing does not mean that you should be relaxed when it comes to eye care. Without proper vigilance, serious injury can happen to your eyes or vision during the summer from causes such as irritants due to grilling, eye damage from the sun, and even pathogens and bacteria entering the eye through water. Though a proper consultation or eye exam is the best course of action to ensure proper eye coverage and vision safety, we’ll outline some tips you can utilize to prevent eye damage in the meantime as you wait to see an eye doctor or specialist. If you’re wondering how to prevent eye damage this summer, keep reading!

UV Can Damage Your Eyes Too 

Just like your skin, UV rays, the harmful rays that the sun emits, can hurt your eyes and cause eye burns. Unlike your skin, there’s no aloe vera to be able to rub in them to offer some soothing relief. Sunburned eyes, called photokeratitis, are an extremely painful issue of the eye that occurs because of exposure to UV rays. Be mindful of reflective surfaces such as the surface of a body of water or sandy beaches. To help prevent this, wear sunglasses with complete UV protection.

Wear Goggles While Swimming To Prevent Eye Damage

Bodies of water, especially natural bodies of water, can harbor bacteria, viruses, and other potentially harmful microorganisms that can enter the eye if you aren’t careful. Wearing goggles is a best practice to ensure protection against contaminants; however, if you don’t have goggles, it can be a good idea to splash your eyes with fresh, clean water.

Looking To Learn More On How To Prevent Eye Damage? 

The summer should be about fun above all else! Don’t spend time worrying if you’re doing the right thing when it comes to eye health! Consult the helpful and experienced team at Kirk Eye Center by giving us a call today at 970-669-1107!

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