lasik LASIK has long been the norm for improving visual acuity, leading many to live clearer lives without needing visual aids such as glasses or contacts. Despite how well the procedure works and the limited risks associated with it, innovation doesn’t stop.

IntraLase© LASIK is a safer and faster way for LASIK to be done. Removing the need for blades during the procedure, instead using precision lasers, IntraLase© LASIK can reduce recovery time, limit the number of potential risks, and increase efficacy and results.

Learn more about how IntraLase© LASIK can help you and your vision.

Bladeless Means More Precision

Traditional LASIK uses small blades to create corneal flaps, which your ophthalmologist can pull back to reshape the lens underneath. The difficulty with this process is that it offers less precision when compared to laser-mediated flap creation.

A greater precision during the flap creation process and the reshaping and manipulation of the tissue underneath results in faster recovery.

IntraLase© LASIK Means Fewer Opportunities for Risks and Complications

study identified 22 types of complications that can arise during traditional LASIK and found 18 for IntraLase© LASIK. Not only does traditional LASIK have greater complications, but the chance for these complications is also higher.

IntraLase© LASIK had a lower incidence rate in both severe and nonsevere complications.

Correct Your Vision at Kirk Eye Center Today

Traditional LASIK is an extraordinary procedure, with 99 percent of those who undergo the procedure getting 20/40 or better vision. With a satisfaction rate of 96 percent, it is one of the most well-received elective surgeries.

However, that doesn’t mean it can’t be improved. IntraLase© LASIK is faster and safer. Working with doctors who understand and specialize in the procedure can bolster the already superior results of this procedure.

At Kirk Eye Center, you have access to over 30 years of experience with a guiding principle of offering the latest advancements in medicine and the most caring experience. They pride themselves on providing the most progressive treatments to their patients.

With board-certified ophthalmologist Dr. John Kirk and optometrist Dr. Dustin Asay, you can be certain to receive individualized care.

To learn more about LASIK, call today at 970- 669-1107 or submit a contact form. They proudly serve Loveland, Fort Collins, Windsor, CO, and the surrounding areas.

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