Exploring the Misconceptions About Eye Care

Eye careEach person has likely fallen victim to at least one of these common misconceptions about the eyes, whether you ate carrots to improve your vision or were afraid to read in dim lighting in case it permanently harmed your vision. This article will clear up some of the most common misconceptions about eye care.

#1: Eating Carrots Will Improve Your Vision

This common myth likely began because vitamin A is one of the essential nutrients for maintaining healthy eyesight, and carrots contain a high amount of it. However, the body only needs a small amount of vitamin A to meet your vision needs, and, unfortunately, it cannot improve your vision or prevent you from needing glasses.

#2: Reading in Poor Lighting Can Hurt Your Eyes

Reading in poor light does not harm your eyes or damage your vision, though it’s easier to read in better lighting.

#3: Wearing Glasses Makes Your Eyes Dependent on Them

Using your glasses or contacts will not make your eyes dependent on them or worsen your vision. Rather, it’s important to wear your glasses and contacts to prevent strain on your eyes.

#4: Losing Your Vision Is Inevitable

It’s normal for people to develop vision problems as they age, but it is not inevitable and does not happen to every person. In addition, most eye conditions can be treated. By continuing to have annual eye exams, you can receive treatment for your eye condition before it worsens.

#5: Wearing the Wrong Glasses or Prescription Will Hurt Your Eyes

If you have ever tried on someone else’s glasses or waited too long to get a new prescription, you have likely heard someone say this. While it is important to get a new prescription, if you have noticed yours is less effective, it will not hurt your vision. You may, however, notice that your eyes are straining, leading to headaches and blurry vision.

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