Can Cataracts Be Cured?

Macro,Photos,Of,The,Human,Eye, ,Cataract,Clouding,Of According to the National Eye Institute, over half of Americans over age 80 have cataracts or have had them removed. These films over the eye often develop naturally with age, but over time, they can negatively impact your eyesight. The question many patients have is, “Can you cure cataracts?” That depends on your specific needs and the type of treatment you are willing to explore. For many people, they can be removed, and your vision can be restored.

Treatment Can Remove Cataracts

Without treatment, cataracts are progressive, meaning they will worsen with time. Eventually, they can cause permanent vision loss or blindness. Although the progression of untreated cataracts is inevitable, treatment options are available.

Cataract Removal Is Safe

Cataract removal is a safe and effective treatment, and for many people, it is a permanent solution. The procedure involves the removal of the existing outer lens on the eye, removing the cloudy, damaged lens. A new lens is placed, and the tiny opening is closed back up. Cataract removal surgery is generally safe and only takes about an hour to 90 minutes.

Once completed, most patients have their vision completely restored, and they may even have better vision than before they developed cataracts!

There is some risk for cataracts to reform in some people. Though there is no way to eliminate this risk, routine visits with your eye doctor can help ensure your vision is protected.

Get Cataracts Treatment in Colorado

Cataract treatment options exist, and they can make a big difference in improving your health and vision. Kirk Eye Center is a comprehensive ophthalmology and optometry practice using the most advanced eye care services. Our experience and personalized service ensure you get the best results possible. Working with board-certified ophthalmologist Dr. John Kirk and optometrist Dr. Dustin Asay will ensure you get the personalized cataracts treatment you deserve.

Learn more by scheduling an appointment at Kirk Eye Center, serving Loveland, Fort Collins, Windsor, and the surrounding areas of Colorado. You can book an appointment online or call us at 970-669-1109 to learn more about the cataract treatment options available.

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