Contact lens contact lens case tweezers on white background Are you planning a trip and want to pack your contact lenses and accessories effectively? When packing for a vacation, contact lens wearers must ensure they have everything they need to keep their eyes healthy and comfortable. To help you pack efficiently and effectively, we’ve compiled seven tips for traveling with contacts.

  1. Make a Checklist: The first step to packing effectively is to list all the contact lens items you must bring. This includes your contact lenses, solution, case, glasses, and any other accessories you use, like eye drops or rewetting drops.
  2. Pack Extra Contact Lenses: Always pack extra contact lenses. You’ll save yourself the trouble of finding an optometrist in an unfamiliar location if you lose or damage your lenses while on vacation.
  3. Store Contact Lenses in Your Carry-On: Pack your contact lenses and accessories in your carry-on bag. If your luggage gets lost, you’ll still have everything you need for your contacts.
  4. Use Travel-Sized Contact Solution: Packing a travel-sized contact solution is more convenient and adheres to TSA regulations. Make sure to pack enough solutions to last the duration of your trip.
  5. Bring Spare Contact Lens Cases: Packing a spare contact lens case is always good. If your current case gets lost or damaged, you can use the spare one until you get a replacement.
  6. Bring Extra Glasses as a Backup: Whenever you plan to do outdoor activities or spend time in the water, it is a good idea to pack your glasses as a backup.
  7. Don’t Sleep in Your Contacts: It’s crucial to avoid sleeping in your contacts, especially during travel. Sleeping in your contacts can increase the risk of eye infections and corneal damage. Remove and clean your contacts before bed, and use a clean case and fresh solution.

Traveling with contacts? Don’t stress! Follow our tips for easy packing and care-free vacationing. Contact us with any questions or concerns about maintaining your eye health while on the go. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Kirk today by calling 970-408-3263 or filling out our online form. We welcome Windsor, Fort Collins, and Northern Colorado patients to our Loveland office.

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