woman sleeping in bed with many pillows at homeDo you wear contacts? If so, you’re in the right place! This January is Eye Care Month, and we want to help you care for your eyes! We’ve put together a list of three tips to help you have better eye care this month. From getting enough sleep to visiting a local eye clinic, we’ve got you covered.

So what are you waiting for? Keep reading to learn more about how you can better care of your eyes this January if you wear contacts!

Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is vital for your overall health, and that includes your eyesight. Getting enough sleep helps to reduce stress, and we all know how important it is to reduce stress. Getting enough sleep also helps to keep your eyes healthy. So make sure you’re getting enough sleep every night!

Keep Your Eyes Clean and Healthy

It’s essential to keep your eyes clean and healthy all year round, especially during Eye Care Month. One way to do this is to ensure you’re washing your face thoroughly. Use a mild cleanser and warm water, and avoid rubbing your eyes too hard. You should also remove your contact lenses before you wash your face and clean them correctly according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Taking breaks from wearing contact lenses is another way to keep your eyes healthy. If you wear them all the time, give your eyes a break by wearing your glasses for a few days. This will give your eyes a chance to rest and recover.

Get Regular Eye Exams At An Eye Clinic Near You

Eye exams are essential for everyone, but they’re even more crucial if you wear contact lenses. Wearing contact lenses can put a lot of strain on your eyes, so it’s essential to ensure they’re healthy.

You should still get regular eye exams if you don’t wear contact lenses. This is because many eye problems don’t have symptoms, so you might not even know there’s a problem until it’s too late. Getting regular eye exams can help to prevent this from happening.

Schedule A Consultation

So this January, make sure you’re taking care of your eyes! Get enough sleep, keep them clean and healthy, and get regular eye exams. Your eyes will thank you for it!

Whether you’re in Loveland, Windsor, or Fort Collins, we’re here to provide comprehensive eye care. Call us at 970-408-3263 to schedule an appointment.

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