Recommended Eye Lubricants (Artificial Tears)

The clearest choice for Loveland, Windsor, Fort Collins & nearby areas of Colorado

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Preserved (Use Up to 4 Times Per Day)

  • Refresh Tears
  • Refresh Liquigel
  • GenTeal
  • Tears Naturale II
  • Tears Plus
  • HypoTears
  • Visine Tears
  • Systane (thick)
  • Soothe

Unpreserved (Use as Often as Needed)

  • Refresh Plus
  • TheraTears
  • HypoTears PF
  • Tears II Preservative Free
  • Moisture Eyes PF
  • Visine Tears PF
  • Bion Tears (thick or viscous)
  • Celuvisc (thick or viscous)
  • Moisture Eyes Portect (thick or viscous)
  • Bausch & Lomb Liquid Gel (thick)

Ointments/Gels (Use at Bedtime)

  • Duolube Ointment
  • Refresh PM Ointment
  • GenTeal Gel
  • HypoTears Ointment
  • Moisture Eyes PM Ointment
  • Lacrilube Gel

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