Use all Insurance and Flex Spending Account (FSA) Benefits before they Expire at the End of the Year

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Flex Spending illustrationMany employers offer generous health insurance benefits that include an eye insurance plan and/or a flexible spending account (FSA), which allows you to put aside pre-tax dollars to use on qualified healthcare expenses. It’s important to check the terms of your plans because these benefits often expire at the end of the year.

Most eye insurance plans will cover an annual eye exam (or provide you with a discounted rate for this exam). Make sure you take advantage of this. Getting your eyes checked every year is the best way to ensure that all age-related vision conditions are detected in their earliest stages before any permanent vision loss has occurred. Many of these plans will also offer discounts on prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses. If you haven’t used these great benefits yet, you need to act fast. They will expire at the end of December.

FSA plans have become increasingly popular in recent years. If you are one of the nearly 30 million Americans with an employer-sponsored FSA plan, you need to use this money before the end of the year. The vast majority of FSAs don’t allow you to roll over unused money from year to year. Instead, these are use-it-or-lose-it benefits.

Fortunately, you can use these FSA benefits in a variety of ways that will help your eyes. If you need to undergo treatment for a vision condition, these procedures can be paid for using your FSA dollars. Call our office today to ensure we can schedule your procedure before the end of the year.

In addition, you can use FSA money at our optical center. We offer a wide range of frames and lenses, including many of the most popular designer frames. We also offer prescription sunglasses that can be paid for using your FSA.

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