Open Your Eyes To These Eye Care Myths

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Kirk Eye Center is a medical practice in Loveland, Colorado serving the eye care needs of patients in northern Colorado including Loveland, Fort Collins, Greeley and surrounding Larimer and Weld counties. For eye care in Loveland Colorado, Kirk Eye Center is the place to go!

We hear lots of different myths and misconceptions about eye care with all the people that come into our store. Today we’re here to open your eyes to these myths so that you know the truth.

  • Reading in dim light is harmful to your eyes. False! Although reading in dim light can make your eyes feel tired, it is not harmful.
  • It is not harmful to watch a welder or look at the sun if you squint, or look through narrowed eyelids. False! Even if you squint, ultra-violet light still gets to your eyes, damaging the cornea, lens and retina. Never watch welding without wearing the proper protection. Never look directly at an eclipse.
  • Using a computer, or video display terminal (VDT), is harmful to the eyes. False! Although using a VDT is associated with eyestrain or fatigue, it is not harmful to the eyes.
  • Wearing poorly-fit glasses damages your eyes. False! Although a good glasses fit is required for good vision, a poor fit does not damage your eyes.
  • Wearing poorly fit contacts does not harm your eyes. False! Poorly fit contact lenses can be harmful to your cornea (the window at the front of your eye). Make certain your eyes are checked regularly by your ophthalmologist or optometrist if you wear contacts.