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Glaucoma is a scary and awful disease. It occurs when increased pressure in your eye damages the optic nerve. If you are feeling pain in one eye and or you notice a sharp change in your vision, you should get down to the Kirk Eye Center as soon as possible for urgent eye care. You may be experiencing the early stages of glaucoma which can rob you of your vision entirely. Both open-angle glaucoma and closed-angle glaucoma damage the optic nerve. The biggest difference is the suddenness of the progression of symptoms. Open angle glaucoma can be slow and gradual onset of pain, while closed-angle glaucoma can adversely affect the patient very quickly and suddenly.We have published lots of helpful information on glaucoma. If you would like to learn more about it, read the short excerpts we have included below from previous blog posts. If you would like to read either of the posts in their entirety, simply click the link above that post.

Cure Your Pain With Our Treatment For Glaucoma In Loveland, Colorado

“If you are experiencing severe eye pain and you have no idea why, then you should give us a call because you may have glaucoma. Are you seeing halos when you look directly at bright lights? Are you feeling constant headaches and impaired vision?”

Highly Impactful Glaucoma Surgery In Loveland Colorado”

“We don’t want you to live with the symptoms of Glaucoma and possibly cause even further damage and problems down the road. It’s technically an eye disease in which the optic nerve has been damaged. There is typically a lot of pressure within the eye, resulting in the damage.”