How Successful is Glaucoma Treatment & Surgery?

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How Successful is Glaucoma Treatment & Surgery? | LongmontThe success of your glaucoma treatment depends heavily on early detection of the eye disease. Vision loss can largely be prevented through the correct treatment plan or surgery, but any current level of vision impairment is often irreversible. The best way to make your glaucoma treatment successful is by adhering to Dr. Kirk’s directions for your prescription eye drops and/or medications.

Glaucoma may be a leading cause of blindness worldwide, but it’s becoming more and more manageable through advancing techniques and technologies. Laser surgery has become a popular option for glaucoma treatment and can sometimes prevent the need for traditional surgery.

Prescription Eye Drops

Prescription eye drops are usually the first course of action following a glaucoma diagnosis and work to control the rising pressure in your eyes. These drops must be used precisely as prescribed to ensure a steady and successful treatment. To make the most of your eye drops, close your eyes for 1-2 minutes after administering them.

Laser Eye Surgery

Long-term success of laser surgery (trabeculoplasty) for glaucoma varies by patient. Trabeculoplasty is performed for open-angle glaucoma and can take as little as 10 minutes to complete. The procedure is painless and doesn’t interrupt your normal activities. You can go home afterward, but results can take several weeks to stabilize.

Conventional Glaucoma Surgery

Traditional surgery (trabeculectomy) is performed when eye drops, medications and lasers don’t work to prevent vision loss. Trabeculectomy can be done for both open-angle and closed-angle glaucoma. This surgery can involve:

  • Opening trabecular passages for open-angle glaucoma.
  • Making small holes in the iris for narrow-angle glaucoma.
  • Reducing intraocular fluid by way of removing the ciliary body responsible for producing it in patients with severe vision damage.

Conventional surgery can be incredibly successful, and up to 50 percent of patients don’t require medication afterward.

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