How Does Glaucoma Affect Your Vision?

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Glaucoma is an age-related vision condition that results in damage to your eye's optic nerve. This damage is typically caused by an increase in pressure inside your eye. As this pressure continues to become greater, it can eventually result in irreversible damage.

Loveland glaucoma treatment

Glaucoma affects your vision gradually, and at first you may not notice any symptoms at all. In the early stages of the condition, you may begin to notice a slight change in your peripheral vision, but often this change isn't significant enough to impact your vision in a meaningful way.

As glaucoma progresses into an intermediate stage, you may notice a more pronounced deterioration of peripheral vision. However, your central vision at this point is still relatively clear. Once you start experiencing advanced stages of glaucoma, the vast majority of your visual field will be severely impaired, and there will only be a small area of your central vision remaining. Eventually, this central vision will begin to fail as well, resulting in blindness.

Due to the fact there are so few symptoms experienced during the early stages of glaucoma, it's crucial that you go for regular eye exams over the age of 40. Dr. Kirk recommends getting a comprehensive eye exam that includes a glaucoma screening once a year.

If glaucoma is detected in its early stages, it is very treatable. The purpose of glaucoma treatment is to reduce the pressure inside your eye in order to avoid damage to the optic nerve. Dr. Kirk has extensive experience treating glaucoma and with careful monitoring and treatment, he can often help you avoid experiencing significant vision loss.

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