Highly Impactful Glaucoma Surgery In Loveland Colorado

Serving Loveland, Fort Collins, Greeley, Longmont & areas nearby in Colorado

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We don’t want you to live with the symptoms of Glaucoma and possibly cause even further damage and problems down the road. It’s technically an eye disease in which the optic nerve has been damaged. There is typically a lot of pressure within the eye, resulting in the damage. This can ultimately lead to a total loss of vision, which is very bad. That’s why we highly encourage that our patients and potential patients come in for the pre-treatments of glaucoma, which can prevent blindness.

Firstly, by attending a regular eye exam, you’ll be able to catch on to the symptoms of this horrific disease. All of this though is depending on the severity of the damage on your optic nerve. You can also catch onto whether you might have these problems by looking at your family history. It’s true that many of these types of problems run in the family. However, if you’ve started losing your vision and it’s time for surgery, our doctor will perform the best glaucoma surgery in Loveland, Colorado. We’ll perform this to perfection, as you can see from out consistently solid positive feedback we receive.

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