Find Relief with Treatment for Glaucoma in Loveland, Colorado

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If you’ve noticed that you’re experiencing decreased vision or that every time you look at a light there seems to be a halo around it, you could be in the beginning stages of acute closed-angle glaucoma. If this describes your situation, the team at Kirk Eye Center wants to see you right away. With our treatment for glaucoma in Loveland, Colorado, your eyes can be properly cared for before your condition worsens and the risk of blindness grows.

Glaucoma is normally caused by increased pressure in your eye, and as a result, the optic nerve is damaged. You may begin to experience pain in one eye and with acute closed-angle glaucoma, you’ll notice a drastic change in vision. We can relieve the pressure in your eye through surgery, which allows the fluid in the aqueous humor to flow properly. It’s imperative that if you notice any symptoms, to seek medical help right away and avoid the risk of further damage to your eye.

If you think that you need treatment for glaucoma in Loveland, Colorado, contact Kirk Eye Center right away. If there is a history of glaucoma in your family, it’s important to have your eyes checked regularly for signs of the condition. After the age of 35, the possibility of contracting glaucoma goes up, so be sure to visit your eye doctor on a routine basis and you’ll be able to avoid serious eye problems. We’re always ready to help you enjoy better vision and answer any questions that you may have.