3 Tips to Avoid Eye Injuries This Halloween

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3 Tips to Avoid Eye Injuries This Halloween | Fort CollinsOctober has been aptly appointed Eye Injury Prevention Month. This is a great time to remind you of the many ways you and your children are more susceptible to eye injuries during Halloween. Follow these tips from our ophthalmologist and optometrist in Loveland to save your vision and make sure you enjoy the holiday:

1. Stay Away From Cosmetic Contacts

The only safe and legal way to get costume or special effect contact lenses is with a valid prescription from an eye doctor and through a licensed retailer. Many Halloween boutiques and specialty stores sell these contacts, but you’re putting your eyes at risk when you buy cosmetic contacts that may not be sterile and aren’t fitted to your eyes. Illegal cosmetic contacts can lead to eye infections, corneal scratches and in severe cases, blindness.

2. Purchase Hypoallergenic Makeup & Face Paint

Your and your child’s Halloween costume may involve face paint or heavy makeup. Some of these products can cause eye infections if they leak into the eye. Additionally, some makeup may interact with your skin. Test it on a small patch of skin on your hand to make sure you’re not allergic to any of the ingredients. Hypoallergenic products can prevent skin rash or infection. At the end of the night, follow the directions on the product to remove or wash it away before bed. Bacteria grow easily in unused products; don’t reuse last year’s face paint or makeup.

3. Be Careful With Costume Weapons

Both children and adults can get a little out of hand around Halloween, and costume weapons such as spears or swords can cause eye injuries if they’re not wielded carefully. There are a variety of costume props and accessories for all ages. Be sure to choose one that completes your outfit and won’t lead to injuries.

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